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« Later that night, Belle sneacked out of her room to eat and explore the castle. Cogsworth and Lumière started to give Belle a tour, but she slipped away to see the forbidden west wing. ”I wonderwhat he’s hiding there,” she said. When she came to Beast’s room, she found the enchanted rose under a bell jar. She was about to touch it’s soft petals when the Beast came charging towards her. » Dean stoped his reading when Sam’s head come resting against his and a low snoring followed. The hunter’s lips twitched and he grinned.

The day had been exhausting. The television had broken down for no reason in the morning, and without the contraption, it was more difficult to have the little angels (more exactly two of them) to behave. And on a rainy afternoon there wasn’t much to do. So Dean and Sam had tuck ed the kids with them in the couch for a little nap and it was a success. The hunter was only halfway trough the story and the kids where already fast asleep … Sam inclued. Dean’s smile softened and he chuckled quietly to himself.

«Dean ? » Castiel’s very quiet and sleepy voice rose, surprising the hunter.

« Sorry Cas, did I wake you ? » he asked, his tone soft as he let his hand run through the angel soft dark locks.

The pint-sized angel brought his trenchcoat(/security blanket) closer to him and snuggled into Dean chest, small hands fisting into his shirt.

« Dean, what happend next ? »

Dean lowered his voice, not needing the same volume as before now that he had just one listener left.

« ”Don’t touch that !” he bellowed. ”I told you not to come here ! Get out !” Bell ran from the room, down the stairs and out into the freezing night. She leaped onto Phillipe and began to race him through the woods. She would not stay at the castle with the horrible Beast, no matter what she had promised ! »

Castiel closed his eyes as Dean continued to narrate the fairytale. He liked the hunter’s voice and for once he was glad that Gabriel had done something he certainly shouldn’t have do.

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